About Lisa

My Resume

I was born on the 27th day of December in 1976. 

I live in Oregon and enjoy fine dining, walks on the beach, and er... why are we here?

I have two dogs. I am polyamorous and have two wonderful partners.   I am a recovering recluse. I try to eat healthy, real, unprocessed food. I am working on self-growth and improving my self-awareness and communication.

I love music, and my current faves are Bluetech, Drumspyder, Desert Dwellers, Dave Matthews Band and Indigo Girls. Go figure. I've fostered numerous dogs, puppies and adults alike.

I have recently become very interested in the flow arts and have been learning to hoop, juggle, and spin poi and buugeng.  I also love to dance and regularly attend the Sacred Circle Sunday Ecstatic dance.

I enjoy reading, storytelling, web design, communities, and people.

I'm fascinated by how people connect, adult learning, language, empathy, and personality.

Want more? Contact me. I like to meet people and I actively seek out new experiences. Want to share one with me?